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Model -  WS1

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The T-Shaped machine body is good for an outstanding stability of the machine, thus assuring high-precision grinding. The WS1 is a very versatile, but easy-to-operate system. Due to the protruding longitudinal - and cross slides, grinding dust will fall freely, thus positively influencing the service life of the machine. The standard design uses s front panel containing all elements of control. On request an against extra-cost, another set of controls will be assembled to the rear of the machine. This is a condition for comfortable and easy work for your operator who will be able to do his working sitting.



Range of Application 

High accuracy of a correctly ground cutting edge of a tool is indispensable for an economic production. Using the respective accessories, regrind small and medium size tools such as milling cutters-straight and spiral fluted, strepdrills, hobs, counter sinks, lathe tools. The range of application also comprises surface cylindrical, internal, in Tool making.






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Total Height  1465 mm
Total Width  940 mm
Total Depth  900 mm
Height of upper edge clamping - surface above floor 1000 mm
Max. distance of centre of grinding wheel spindle above table, bore turned up  350 mm
Min. distance of center of grinding wheel spindle above table, bore turned up   85 mm
Max. distance between centres  600 mm
Height of centres with UT, HTR and cylindrical grinding attachment  140 mm
with all other accessories  120 mm
clamping surface of the table  850 x 120 mm
number of T-slots on the table     1 mm
hand lever controlled travel of the table  360 mm
cross slide travel  230 mm
travel of the rise and fall rest  165 mm
swivel range of the grinding head ( horizontal )    360 0   
swivel range of the grinding -wheel spindle ( vertical )  360 0
feed of vertical - and cross slide per division      0.01 mm
drive motor speed  1400/2800 rpm
rating  0,70/0,85 kW
grinding-wheel spindle speeds 2600/5200 rpm
by shifting the V-belt 3700/7400 rpm
net weight of the machine with standard equipment -375 kg
gross weight of the machine with standard equipment -525 kg
dimensions of the packing case  125 x 104 x 174 cm
volume    -2.26 m 3


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