Manufacturers & Exporters of High Precision Tool & Cutter Grinding Machines



1972 Tocol Enterprises was founded by A.S.Narasimha Murthy at Mysore for manufacture of Tools & Collets, Jigs, Fixtures & Guages. 
1975 Unit was shifted from Mysore to Bangalore. 
1976 Developed Machine tool Accessories, hitherto imported from Johnson & Shipman, England to M/s Praga Tools Ltd, Hyderabad. 
1978 Awarded from KLN Foundation trust for developing import Substitution items thus saving Foreign Exchange.
Received Certificate for Development of Aircraft Components / Engine Components and tools by M/s HAL (Aircraft Division) and M/s HAL (Engine Division) Bangalore. 
1981 Received Outstanding Performance Award by Transworld trade Fair. 
1982 Received First Generation Entrepreneurs' Award from KLN Foundation trust. 
1983 Received Certificate from M/s Praga tools Ltd for developing machine tool accessories for Export. 
1984 Received Outstanding Creativity Award from Karnataka State Financial Corporation. 
1985 Received National Award for Import Substitution Bronze Shield from Government of India Board of Awards, D.G.T.D, New Delhi                                          Received certificate from M/s Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd for supply of Universal Dividing heads / Rotary Table. 
1987 Received Certificate from M/s Praga Tools Ltd for development of Machine tool Accessories for Export 
1989 Developed packing machines for I.T.C Ltd, Bangalore. 
1995 Supplied Automatic Tool Changer & Precision Components to M/s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for their Hiroshima Plant in our sister Company. 
1996 Developed CNC linear Indexing Machine for MICO, Bangalore. 
1997 Developed Pistons & Crowns for Vyjayantha Tanks.                                 Developed precision components for PSLV / GSLV for M/s HAL (Aerospace Division, Bangalore) 
Developed Precision Components of ALH Helicopter for M/s HAL (Helicopter Division), Bangalore. 
1998 Developed an Import substitution item (Lobe) for M/s Bharat Heavy Electricals, Trichy. 
1999 Collaboration with M/s Schreyer Schleifmaschinen GmbH, Germany for Manufacture of tool and Cutter grinders (both Manual and CNC versions) 
2000 Participated in INTEC 2000 Fair, Coimbatore and exhibited CNC 3 Axis Tool and Cutter Grinder. 
Separate Production line established for M/s Schreyer Products and first order of 12 machines received from Germany. 
2001 Developed jig for Aircraft Assembly ( Rear fuselage) 
Supplied the first 3 axis CNC machine to M/s Automotive Axle , Mysore. 
Exported first batch of 7 machines to germany. 
2002 Exported 15 machines to Germany. 
Exhibited 3 axis CNC machine in Malaysia 
Collaboration with M/s RECORD Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany for manufacture Of Saw Blade Grinding Machines. 
Collaboration with M/s HAWEMA Werkzeugschleifaschinen GmbH, Germany for manufacture of 5 Axis CNC Grinding Machines. 
2004 Participated in IMTEX 2004 Fair held at Mumbai, India and exhibited CNC 5 Axis Tool & Cutter Grinder.
2005 Participated in AEROINDIA 2005 Fair held at Bangalore, India and exhibited components for Aircraft Industry.


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